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Printed Circuit Board Assembly for Aerospace

Our highly skilled, in-house PCB assembly teams are there to insure that your project runs smoothly from prototype through production. We provide assembly services employing state-of-the-art equipment including high-speed pick and place machines, multi-zone reflow ovens and Electrovert dual wave/chip solder machines.

Printed Circuit Board Design for Aerospace

At Aerospace PCB Assembly, we focus on medium to high complexity printed circuit board design solutions that meet or exceed all of our customer electrical and mechanical constraints.

We have established standards for acceptance and delivery which results in faster turnaround time with least error.

Printed Circuit Board Prototype for Aerospace

We provide quality quick turnaround prototypes at cost effective and affordable prices. We have 40 years experience in producing different PCB Prototype we can also produce ROHS compliant with reliable gold finish for fine pitch SMD components with perfectly evenly surface and excellent solder ability.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing for Aerospace

We have extensive expertise in Printed Circuit Board design layout. We respond to our client's requirements and deliver high quality solutions such as multi-layer boards, analog and digital, differential pairs, controlled impedance and ultra high-speed designs. Whether you are a start-up who is prototyping a design, or an established organization requiring multi-layer circuit board designs, our designers are just a phone call away.

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